“Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come.”

– Victor Hugo

Who We Are

traditional Real Estate Development Methods.

Common Group redefines today’s diverse markets through Development, Education, and an in-depth understanding of a community’s potential.

The Common Group is a real estate development company with a complete understanding of how to develop within all communities. We work directly with retailers and business owners to educate, market, and promote financially successful ventures within communities that are typically overlooked. We have a variety of experience including: commercial investments, development, construction, operations, and education. .


Real Data

Real Data™ is a proprietary matrix developed by our team of experts. This matrix is a new method of measuring the feasibility of a brand and how it fits within a market. The implementation of Real Data™ is the innovation that sets The Common Group apart.

  • Strategic Real Estate positioning
  • Collaborative investment efforts
  • Absolute trade area insight
  • Real Data™ will be the new benchmark

Our Purpose

Mindful Development

Mindful Development is a commitment to consider all economic factors that impact a retailer’s success and creates long term sustainability. As a result of Mindful Development a Shared Value is created between retailer, developer, and community.

Shared Value


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